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Springfield Developments offers a pet flap fitting service for customers in Goodworth Clatford. We make sure all our pet flaps are fitted to the highest standard and offer a first class service. We are honest, reliable and highly skilled professionals which enables us to offer you a professional service.

We have over 20 years experience in the fitting of pet flaps. All our services come with a full guarantee. Here at the Cat flap fitter we can put most size cat flaps into glass units, it is not possible to cut a hole into an exsiting double glazed unit. We would have a new toughenend double glazed unit made with the hole pre cut.

We can install pet flaps into any type of UPVC panel including panels which have ridges and decorative designs. If your panel has a metal skin or has a steel re-inforcement in the panel we are able to install the cat flap for you, we can install cat flaps into any type of metal door.

We can also install cat flaps in to single glazed units, we would not reccommend cutting a hole into the existing glass, as if this breaks it could injure your pet, we reccommend replacing the glass with a new toughenend glass unit with pre cut hole to ensure the saftey of your pet.

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Why Choose Us

We are experts in the installation of pet flaps and we are fully insured so you know that your in safe hands. We are reccomended installers for Sureflap, the market leader in microchip operated cat flaps, we also use the staywell brand for the other types of pet flaps we fit (in our opinion) they are the best types of flap currently available on the market.

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Please feel free to contact us we are happy to give free quotes for any installation of our pet flaps.

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