Cat Flap Fitting

We fit cat flaps in uPVC panelled, Double glazed, Single glazed, wooden, Aluminium and metal doors. Also windows, External Walls, French doors and patio doors.

Cat Flap Fitting Experts

We have over 16 years' experience in single glazing, double glazing as well as Door and window installation. We use all our skills and knowledge gained in the glass and door industry, to fitting cat flaps and dog doors.

Cat Flaps Fitted Into Glass

If you require a cat flap in a double glazed glass unit, the glass will have to be replaced with a new double glazed glass unit. We only use toughened glass in all replacement Double glazed units and they all come with a 3 year guarantee. If your glass unit is not toughened or laminated safety glass and it is going into a door, next to a door or bellow 80 cm from the floor it will have to be replaced with a new toughened glass unit with the cat flap hole pre cut into the glass.

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