Flat Roofing

Need a Flat Roofer, Springfield Developments offer a wide range of roofing services including flat roofing. Our flat roofing team are specialist installers of a comprehensive range of proven and respected flat roof systems designed to provide the most cost effective long term solution to any flat roof. Our flat roofs will provide superior, maintenance free protection for their property for many years to come, at a fraction of the cost of other flat roof coverings. We have installed many new flat roofs across the Country and we offer great prices for all our services.

Flat Roof Repairs

We also offer flat roofing repairs for customers with roofs that are leaking or damaged, our trained team of flat roofing installers have the skills to repair flat roofs when possible. If you have a leaking flat roof one of the flat roofing experts will come out to your property and inspect your flat roof and give a free quote on the cost repairing or replacing your flat roof.

Firestone Rubber Flat Roofing

Springfield Developments now offer another flat roofing solution with the our new rubber roofing service. The Firestone flat rubber roofing system is fast becoming the most cost effect way to cover and replace flat roofs and the rubber roofs will last for over 25 years. Our trained flat roofers have installed many new flat roofs across the UK.

Flat Roofing Information

A flat roof is a type of covering which is horizontal or nearly horizontal. The sheet of material used to cover a flat or low-pitched roof is usually known as the roofing membrane. The membrane is to waterproof the roof area and making sure there a no leaks to the flat roof. Flat roofs exist all over the UK and each roofing company has its own preference for materials used.

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