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Velux Window Spare Parts

Springfield Developments have been installing Velux windows for many years and have become experts in installation and repair of Velux roof windows. Over the years we have repaired literally thousands of Velux windows and have the spare parts for most windows. We often find that other companies do not have the same knowledge as us when it comes to replacing parts on the Velux window and usually advise that the full window will need replacing which is a lot more costly than fixing an existing window.

Velux Window Not Locking Properly

We receive many phone calls from customers saying that their Velux window will not open or lock shut properly, this can be caused by a striking plate being broken/damaged. Springfield Developments have physically hundreds of Velux spare parts, including striking plates for all the Velux window models. The other common problem when it comes to the window not locking properly is when the headlock is broken, the headlock is one of the Velux spare parts that Springfield Developments stock and can replace for you at very short notice.

Replacement Ventilation Flap

The ventilation flap or handle on a Velux windows are a common replacement part, the ventilation flap is used to open the Velux window if the window has not been serviced or becomes stiff it can become hard to open. Over time this can cause pressure to the ventilation flap and forcing the window open often results in the ventilation flap snapping from the hinge, this can not be repaired it would need a full replacement handle or ventilation bar. Springfield Developments stock replacement ventilation flaps and are able to offer a fast turn around to get your Velux ventilation bar replaced.

Replacement Handle Foam

We offer replacement handle foam for Velux windows the handle foam is fixed to the ventilation flap to form a seal against the frame of the Velux window. The replacement handle foam will help reduce any drafts that may occur, we include Velux handle foam on every window service we carry out free of charge.

Replacement Velux Flashings

Velux Flashing kits are what people seem to have the most trouble with when it comes to repairing leaks on Velux windows . The flashing kit is actually one of the the most common spare parts to install. We have been replacing spare parts for Velux flashing kits for many years now and we have never had a leak form one as yet, we have thousands of spare flashings in stock for new and old Velux windows.

Velux Spare Parts

Velux Roof Windows have been around for many years now and the quality of the windows has always been excellent in comparison to other roof window manufacturers.Velux windows seem to be the best on the market in terms of popularity, longevity and sustainability. Springfield Developments have been installing Velux windows for many years. We stock parts for approximately 80% of Velux windows spare parts for mainstream products. This includes Velux motors, solar kits, other electric type products. Flashing kits, hinges, striking plates, headlocks.... the list is endless. We also have very rare parts that you can no longer even purchase from Velux themselves. We have bought and buy our stock whenever it becomes available in bulk and have a warehouse full of Velux spare parts.

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